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    Picture Frame Widget

    Picture Frame Widget - Show a single picture or a slideshow on the Plasma Desktop

    Wikimedia Pic of Day

    Widgets commonly start by asking you to pick your desired settings. This choice for the widget works from the widget settings menu, but you can drag-and-drop a picture file or a folder of photos to set it, too.

    Initial widget view

    Choose a Source

    • Single image from any folder on your computer
    • Slideshow from folder(s) of images on your computer
    • Picture of the Day
    Three Kinds of Pictures

    Picture of the Day Sources

    • Flickr Picture of the Day
    • Operational Significant Event Imagery Picture of the Day
    • APOD - Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA
    • Earth Science Picture of the Day
    • Wikimedia Picture of the Day
    Picture of Day Sources