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PublicTransport is a plasma applet that shows a departure/arrival board for a given stop. It can also show journeys to or from the given "home stop".


PublicTransport has many features like filters and alarms. It also shows additional information like delays, news about journeys, routes, vehicle types (with icons).

It gets it's information by parsing HTML/XML files from the web. You can get data for public transport, but also for trains, ferries and planes (using There are multiple service providers supported by XML and script files.

You can set alarms for departures and filter departures (by type of vehicle, target/origin, delay, transport line string/number, intermediate stops). Filters can be combined.

PublicTransport is a community app  See footnote . Written originally for Germany, it works in many European countries.


Available Service Providers
Propose a New Service Provider
Add Support For a New Service Provider


  • Showing Departures or Arrivals:
    • Vehicle types, target/origin, departure/arrival time
    • Routes
    • Delays (with delay reason)
    • News, eg. "departing from a different stop"
    • Additional information like platform, operator


Not all service providers support all those features, see Available Service Providers.

  • Searching for Journeys:
    • Using an input line with syntax highlighting.
    • Uses some localized keywords, that allow to write something like:
      To "Bremen Hbf" arriving tomorrow at 15:30
    • Suggestions, like:
      • Adding/removing keywords
      • Change the time eg. 30 minutes later
      • Use a recently used journey search
      • Stop names (auto completion)
  • Multiple Stops can be set and are stored gobally for all PublicTransport applets.
    • Stops can be combined, eg. if two stops are very near and departures of both stops should be shown together.
  • Filters can be defined to show only the departures you want to see.
    • There are multiple constraints:
      • Line string/number
      • Target/Origin
      • Via (intermidiate stops)
      • Vehicle type
      • Delay
    • Filters can be assigned to stops.
  • Alarms of two types: recurring and single shot.
    • Easy to set an alarm for a single departure using the context menu.
    • Recurring alarms are set for new departures using an alarm filter.
  • Scripts can be written to add support for new service providers.
  • A data engine is used to share data between applets.

Public Transport has a page on, where you can download the latest sources and binary packages for various distributions.

Support for this application can be found from the project's home page