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Can somebody, please, explain to me what are the boxes on top of the KOrganizer main view window (Week View, one box above every week day) and how to get rid of them? I have been using KOrganizer for years and I still have no idea what the boxes are for. Thank you very much!!! :-)

If you asked this on a mailing list you could attach a screenshot, which would help us understand the question. I don't see any 'box', but could it be the area in week view which currently shows me
16 109/256 110/255 etc?
If so, that's week 16, 109 days gone, 256 left in the year. And it's configurable in the Plugins section. If you don't mean that, please ask on the kde-pim user list,
Please also remember that the screenshots here are out of date - the latest korganizer looks quite different. I'll try to get some newer ones added soon--annew 15:23, 21 April 2010 (UTC)