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|- |[[Image:{{{2}}}|48px|link=Special:myLanguage/{{{1}}}]]||

This template makes entries for application lists. It requires three arguments: A link (without the Special:myLanguage prefix), the name of an image file and a title. Even if the link and the title is the same, the title must be there since it should be translatable. It is meant to be used within a {| ... |} group and to be immediately followed by a short text.

The <h4> tag should mark it as a headline and make it appear in the list of contents, but apparently these tags are not picked up by the wiki software, when appearing inside a template. See System Settings for a page using this template along with other items entered "by hand". Using ==== won't work either - they can't appear inside a table, it seems.


{{AppItem|System Settings/Account Details|Image:Preferences-desktop-user.png|Account Details}}
Some descriptive text.


Account Details

Some descriptive text.