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Edit Track Details

This option brings up the Edit Track Details dialog for the selected tracks.

Searching the Playlist

Amarok offers powerful searching capabilities for playlists. Simply enter your query for a song into the text box labelled Search playlist and it will match your keywords up against the match criteria you specify in the options menu — for instance, you can choose to search only by Albums and not Artists, or choose to match both of them.


Pressing the Icon-go-up.png icon moves the selection to the previous search result, and Icon-go-down.png moves to the next result, all without losing focus on the search input box.

The Icon-edit-clear-locationbar-rtl.png icon in the search field will clear your query.

Enabling Show only matches from the menu will cause your playlist to display only the tracks matching the query.

More about Playlist filtering here.

Amarok Playlist search2.png

Sorting Levels and Bookmarking


Sorting Levels

Amarok Playlist sortingleavel.png
Amarok's robust sorting abilities offer the ability to sort not only by one field of a track, but by many combined in a series of levels.

There are many different modes by which a sorting level can act. For instance, songs can be sorted by their Genre and then their Album.

A sorting level can be added by clicking the right-pointing triangle, which will bring up the menu for adding another sorting level.

Clicking the small triangle on the right of the sorting level's name will cause items in the playlist to switch between ascending and descending order, which is indicated by the direction in which the triangle is pointing — up or down, respectively.

To remove a sorting level, click the name of the sorting level that precedes the one you wish to remove. Multiple sorting levels can be removed — provided that they are all lower in the hierarchy — by clicking on the ancestor of all of them. If you wish to clear all sorting levels, you can click the playlist icon to the left of the first right-pointing arrow.


Amarok Playlist bookmarking.png

The bookmarking menu provides options to save your current playlist layout. Clicking Bookmark Playlist Setup will add your playlist layout to the layout bookmarks, which can be viewed in Bookmark Manager.

Copy Current View Bookmark to Clipboard copies an Amarok playlist layout URL to the clipboard, which can be used for backing up your playlist layout.

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