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This page is a translated version of the page Amarok/Manual/ConfiguringAmarok/ChangingLayout and the translation is 9% complete.

Changing Layouts

Changing the Amarok Window Layout

The visibility of each of the three Amarok panes is indicated in the View menu (part of the top-level menu). If you unlock the layout, each of the three panes will show two clickable boxes. These two boxes allow you to rearrange or customize the layout of your Amarok window. Clicking the X closes that particular pane. Having been closed, a pane can be activated again by checking the appropriate box in the View menu. Clicking Reset Layout will of course reset the layout back to the default look.

Undocking Amarok panes

Clicking the hollow symbol on the left of the cross causes that panel to be undocked, so it will appear as a separate window on your desktop. Repeating this action on the undocked pane will dock it again inside your Amarok window. You can drag the panes inside your Amarok window to reorder them. You may stack the panes, or even put one or two of them covering the others, selectable by tabs.

Lock and save Amarok window layout

If you are satisfied with the layout inside your Amarok window, you can lock this layout by clicking the appropriate item in the View menu. Be aware that if you want to be sure your layout is preserved when you shut down your session with Amarok still open, quit Amarok first by either choosing Amarok -> Quit, or by typing Ctrl + Q.

Changing the Toolbar

You can also choose between two layouts of the Toolbar by clicking the appropriate item in the View menu:

Main Toolbar
Slim Toolbar

More about the Toolbar here.

Changing the Playlist layout

To access the Playlist Layout Editor, go to Playlist -> Playlist Layouts -> Configure Playlist Layouts... and you will see the above editor window. On the left you can see the preset layouts; clicking on those allows you to see how the configuration is done on the right. Clicking on the Preview button allows you to see the applied layout in the Playlist pane.

Modifying a default layout

To modify one of the default layouts, first make a new copy of it: simply click on and save it under a new name. To generate a new layout, click on

A layout consists of 3 elements: the Album Head, the Album Body (with a special album body for Various Artist tracks) and the Single Tracks configuration, selectable in the tabs in the middle of the editor. To add an item, simply drag it from the selector on top and drop it in the layout tab elected below. To show the album cover, just check the Cover field.

In addition, you can also add:

Menu Item Description
Show inline playback controls playback controls will appear below the line of the playing track.
Show tooltips Tooltips showing ID3 tag information will be shown on hovering over a track.
Item layout configuration

Each of the added items can then have its own layout configured: hovering over the item shows a wrench, clicking on this wrench will let you access a configuration dialog for that item. The example below shows you the configuration dialog for the Album item:

You can then decide of the total width of the item (100% is the total width of the line, so if you use a custom width and have more than one item on a line, you need to reduce that width per item), its alignment, the font weight and whether the tag should be shown with a prefix or suffix.

Example: single line layout

Example: to generate a single line layout without grouping you only add items in the Single Track element.

Playlist layout storage

The playlist layouts will be stored in xml format in $HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/playlist_layouts (might be $HOME/.kde4/share/apps/amarok/playlist-layouts for some distributions).