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Applying Image Effects Using digiKam

Transcribed from Mohamed Malik's web post of 19 February 2011

digiKam can apply various image effects to images as a batch process. To do this go to Tools menu and select Image Effects.

It gives you a few options, for an example on the above screen shot the specified image effect to be applied is Charcoal, however that is not the only effect that is available. The screen shot below shows several effects which can be applied.

Choose any image effect from the list. If you want to adjust the settings press the Options button. I have chosen Paint. When you are done press the Preview button which give a glimpse of what you will get after the process is done. Example, see screen shot below. If you click Remove original option in the window your original files will be deleted. It is a better option to leave this off, since digiKam will create a new modified file, thereby leaving your original files untouched.