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Dragon Player - простая обёртка для проигрывания фильмов и музыки

DragonPlayer стандартный проигрыватель видео KDE SC 4.x. Раньше он назывался Codeine.


  • Simple interface
  • Resuming videos: Starts playing a video where you were watching it last time
  • Support for subtitles: Automatically loads subtitles with the matching name
  • Video display settings (brightness, contrast)
  • Due to using Solid and Phonon DragonPlayer is independent of any multimedia framework or hardware abstraction layer
  • Supports playing CDs and DVDs


Starting up
Playing a video

For Music

  • Select Play Disk and your music begins. No distracting playlist, just sound.
  • Play File opens a dialogue to allow you to find and play single files. A playlist can be built, but this isn't the primary function.

Further information

Official website: http://www.dragonplayer.net