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Understanding the structure of this wiki

Paths need to be kept short, as user are generally unable to remember long paths. We therefore ask that a maximum of three levels is used, as demonstrated below.

  • Einleitung
  • Hilfe bekommen (Pfad: /Getting_Help/de)
  • Anwendungen (Pfad: /Applications/de)
    • Kategorien (Pfad: /Applications/<categoryname>/de)
    • Individuelle Anwendungen (Pfad: /<applicationname>/de)
  • Application Manuals: (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual (may be a contents page of links))
    • Manual pages (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual/Introduction)
    • (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual/Section name)
  • Tutorials (Path: /Tutorials/) NB This section consists of links to appropriate pages, mainly attached to applications. Only tutorials that can't be linked in that way should be directly under the Tutorials path.
  • KCM module (Path: /System_Settings/<kcmname>)

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