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  • 介绍
  • 求助(路径: /Getting_Help/zh-cn)
  • 应用程序(路径:/Applications/zh-cn)
    • 程序分类(比如路径:/Applications/Internet/zh-cn)
    • 单个程序(路径:/<应用名/zh-cn)
  • 程序手册:(路径:/<应用名>/Manual/zh-cn(也可能是专门放链接的页面))
    • 手册页面 (路径:/<应用名>/Manual/Introduction/zh-cn)
    • (路径:/<应用名>/Manual/Section name)
  • 教程(路径:/Tutorials/zh-cn)注意,这部分包含指向其它适当页面的链接,那些教程页面主要是附到应用程序页面路径下面。只有无法那样放置链接的教程可以直接放到 /Tutorials 路径下面。
  • Getting Help (Path: /Getting_Help)
  • Applications (Path: /Applications)
    • Categories of Applications (eg Path: /Applications/Internet)
    • Individual Applications (Path: /<applicationname>)
  • Application Manuals: (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual (may be a contents page of links))
    • Manual pages (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual/Introduction)
    • (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual/Section name)
  • Tutorials (Path: /Tutorials/) NB This section consists of links to appropriate pages, mainly attached to applications. Only tutorials that can't be linked in that way should be directly under the Tutorials path.
  • KCM module (Path: /System_Settings/<kcmname>)

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