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KChart was the charting tool from KOffice and is still the charting tool from Calligra. In older version, KChart was a standalone application, now it's a part with KGantt of the KDiagram library used by other KDE applications (e.g. Calligra and KMyMoney)[1].


Features include:

  • Ease of use
    • Default values for all parameters are relative to window size
    • All parameters may be edited after drawing the chart
    • Choice of legend placement
    • Header and footer have font settings defined separately from other fonts


  • Multiple Chart types
    • Bar: normal | stacked | percent, 2D | 3D-Look
    • Line: normal | stacked | percent, line markers
    • Area: normal | stacked | percent
    • HiLo: normal | open-close
    • Box & Whiskers
    • Pie: normal | exploded, 2D | 3D
    • Ring
    • Polar: normal | stacked | percent


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