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A Graphical Tool for formatting floppy disks


  • Formattazione rapida o completa
  • Controllo dei settori danneggiati (tramite verifica dell'integrità)
  • Può aggiungere un'etichetta al disco
  • Supporta opzioni a riga di comando
  • Supporta i file system DOS, ext2, UFS e Minix


Un floppy non può essere formattato se è montato.

  • Select the floppy drive which contains the media to be formatted
  • Select the size of the floppy to be used. In most cases it is safe to leave this as "Auto-Detect", and should be changed only when encountering size related issues during formatting
  • Select a filesystem to be used
    • If the desired filesystem is not listed, check the box at the bottom of the window, it may provide a reason
    • Not all supported filesystems are usable on floppy disks
  • Select the type of format to perform
    • Quick Format is as the name implies, the fastest process. It does check for bad blocks or other errors
    • Zero out and quick format will overwrite each sector with zeroes. This should not be relied on for securely erasing a disk, only a quick method of destroying data
    • Full format will format the media, and check for bad blocks and other filesystem defects if possible
  • Check Verify Integrity if KFloppy is to check if the format was successful
  • Provide a name for the floppy, if desired
  • Click Format to format the media

More Information

Read about the full capabilities in the application's Handbook