KWin Rules Application Workarounds

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Application Workarounds

Below are Workarounds for misbehaving applications.


If you are unfamiliar with creating KWin Rules, see this detailed example to base your new rule.

Full-screen Re-size Error

Emacs and gVim, when maximized (full-screen mode) and under certain conditions may encounter window re-sizing issues - see Emacs window resizes ... A KWin Rule will work-around the issue.

Assuming an Emacs window is open:

  1. Use Detect Window Properties and select the Emacs window. Match only by primary class name so leave the check boxes unchecked - for additional information see window matching

  2. Clicking OK in the previous window back-fills the results in the Window Matching tab. Enter a meaningful text in the Description text box:

  3. Ignore Emacs's full-screen request by enabling the Obey geometry restrictions attribute, toggling it to off (No) to ignore and selecting the Force parameter:

  4. Click through to complete entry of the rule.