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Introduction to the Menubar and Toolbars

The key to getting the most out of KWord, is found in the menu bars and the toolbars.

The menubar is organized into groups of functions (e.g. file functions, table functions, etc.). Below each of these groups, is a submenu of actions. Some of these submenus will have sub menus of their own.

The toolbars are also organized into groups. Each toolbar consists of a set of buttons. Each button performs a specific function. The toolbars are designed to act as shortcuts for more commonly used functions.

The first part of this section of the manual discusses the manipulation of KWord's toolbars to suit your needs.

The second part of this section, takes a detailed look at each menubar function, and each standard toolbar button, and provides you with a brief summary of its action. Many of these sections also provide you with a link to more detailed information located elsewhere in the KWord Handbook.

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Removing Template Categories Hiding, Changing and Moving Toolbars