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Revision 1.5 (2006-04-23)

Copyright © 2000-2006 Michael McBride

Copyright © 2006 Gary Cramblitt

Legal Notice

KWord is a complete word-processing and simple desktop publishing program. It is part of the KOffice suite of utilities.

This manual describes KWord 1.5.


Introducing KWord
What parts of this guide should I read?


Starting KWord
Introduction to Templates
The difference between Text Oriented and Page Layout templates

Step by Step Tutorial

Choosing the initial template
Selecting a frame and entering text into that frame
Changing the size of a frame
Moving a frame on the page and layering frames
Adding a new frame and Making text flow between two frames
Deleting a frame
Tutorial Summary

The KWord Window

Using Rulers

Detailed Guides

Beginning a New Document
Saving a Document
Retrieving a Saved Document
Printing A Document
Editing your Document
Using Multiple Views
Undo and Redo
Cut, Copy, Paste and the Clipboard
Finding and Replacing Text
Finding a related word (Thesaurus)

Document Layout Guides

Formatting the Page
Working with Frames
Setting the Properties for a Frame
Formatting Paragraphs
Using Tab Stops
Formatting Characters
Text styles
Headers and Footers
Creating Templates, Saving a document as a template and Deleting Templates

More than Just Text

Entering Document information
Handling Graphics
Table of Contents
Document Variables
Document Links
Document Comments
Footnotes and Endnotes
KOffice Data Integration
Inserting files
Document bookmarks

For Users with Disabilities

Installing the kdeaccessibility Module
Visual Impairments
Motor Impairments and Mouseless Operation

Advanced Topics

Document Structure
Mail Merge

How do I...]

How do I get the pages numbers on the outsides of the pages and the title in the middle of the header (like a novel)?
How do I create a .pdf file?
How do I remove template categories from the startup dialog

The Menu Items/Toolbars

Introduction to the Menubar and Toolbars
Hiding, Changing, and Moving Toolbars
The Menubar
The File Toolbar
The Format ToolBar
The Insert Toolbar
The Edit Toolbar
The Paragraph Toolbar
The Border Toolbar

Working with Color

Selecting Colors from a Select Color dialog

Working with Files

Selecting files using the file dialog

Set up KWord Options

Configure Key Bindings (keyboard shortcuts)
Configure Toolbars
Configure KWord User Interface
Questions and Answers


Credits and Licenses

Appendix A

How to obtain KWord
Compile and Install from Source

Appendix B

Command Line Options
Import and Export Filters
Filters included in KWord

Appendix D

Key Bindings Summary
Kword MIME types
Introducing KWord