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Credits and License

Kexi Copyright 2002-2011 The Kexi Team

Kexi Developers:

  • Jaroslaw Staniek (staniek
  • OpenOffice Polska, LLC (info
  • Lucijan Busch (lucijan
  • Cedric Pasteur (cedric.pasteur
  • Adam Pigg (adam
  • Martin Ellis (martin.ellis
  • Sebastian Sauer (mail
  • Christian Nitschkowski (segfault_ii
  • Peter Simonsson (psn
  • Joseph Wenninger (jowenn
  • Seth Kurzenberg (seth
  • Laurent Montel (montel
  • Till Busch (till

Documentation by Martin A. Ellis (martin.ellis, Jaroslaw Staniek (staniek with contributions from Anne-Marie Mahfouf, Raphael Langerhorst, Michal Kubicki and Aron Stansvik.

This program is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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