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Opening a database file in the Open Existing Project dialog

  • Run Kexi. You should see the Welcome to Kexi startup dialog, which allows you select one of the recently used projects to open.
  • If the project is not on the page with recently used projects choose Open... (Ctrl + O). You will see the following dialog:
Kexi openproject.png
  • From the location bar, pick a folder containing a file you are looking for.
  • You can either pick a file which is immediately opened. Alternatively you enter its name in the Name: box and click on Next.


  • By default the Filter: drop down list has All Supported Files (*.kexi, *.kexic, *.kexis, *.mdb) selected. In case the file you are looking for has another extension, you can change the selection of the Filter: drop down list to All Files to display all available files (regardless of an extension).
  • If you have selected a file of an external type, like a MS Access .mdb file, Kexi will provide you with the option to import the file.
  • If you have selected a connection data file (with .kexic extension) or a shortcut to a project on database server file (with .kexis extension), Kexi will display appropriate dialogs.

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