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    Where to Go Next?

    You've gone through the Kexi Handbook, so by now you should be able to design and create a database in Kexi.

    What next?

    You can take a look at some excellent tutorials so as to put that knowledge into something you could use. The list below covers just a few of the possible uses of Kexi and will be updated at times to cover even more cases.

    Drilling Down on Facebook Data
    This is an excellent article from Adam Pigg, showcasing just how powerfull Kexi can be. It describes how you can import, process, manipulate and present data from facebook coming from a mbox file. It covers creating a model database to hold the data, importing via script, presenting with a report and chart and exporting collected data.
    Parameter queries
    (for 1.1 but still valid, at
    Reports for Beginners
    You could check the Kexi Tutorials section at the KDE UserBase for new articles.