Working with Google Calendar

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These instructions are no longer needed because a Google Calendar resource is shipped with KDE. You do not need to use DAV any more. In KOrganizer simply go to Settings->General->Calendars and filter for google


For demonstration purposes, the Google account used in this tutorial is [email protected]


Integrating Google Calendar with Kontact through DAV resource

To synchronize Google Calendar with Kontact, firstly access the Calendar area of Kontact by selecting it in the left navigation bar. Next, open the configuration window by going to Settings -> Configure Calendar.

Select the Calendars tab on the General area to prepare to add the Google calendar. Next, Select the DAV groupware resource (you may need to add this resource first by clicking Add... and selecting it in the list). After this click Cancel when a prompt appears asking to enter your credentials to login to the groupware server.

Another window will appear, and here you can enter the location of your Google Calendar resource. In the Server Configuration area, click on Add. Now, this opens the last window. Here, ensure that CalDAV is selected as the Remote calendar access protocol.

The remote URL takes the form:

For your main calendar, the GoogleCalendarID is your Google account (Gmail address). Select Use specific credentials. For Username again use your Google account while the Password field is your Google account password.

After this information is entered, pressing the Fetch button will enable Kontact to sync with Google to discover your calendar. Your calendar should display in the Discovered Collections window below.

Press OK and allow KDE Wallet integration as Always for convenience. To add additional calendars, simply click the Add button to follow the same procedure as above.


For other Calendars, the calendar ID can be obtained by pressing the down arrow, and selecting Calendar Settings via

Press OK to finish adding the Google Calendar and then it should start to synchronize with Kontact. In the calendars list below, check the box beside your Gmail address to enable the display of a calendar. To refresh events, simply press F5.

Animated GIF Tutorial


This animated GIF recaps the steps taken to obtain Google Calendar synchronization.

Congratulations, you have successfully setup Google Calendar Integration with Kontact!