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How to deal with problems

Some of the music is being rapidly skipped over

You may not have installed the necessary codecs. More about that here: FAQ: What Media Types Does Amarok Support. Please refer to your distribution.

After my iPod has been mounted, it is not shown in the Content Browser

This should not happen. Check that the device has been properly mounted. Simply typing


in a console will show you all mounted devices.

After I have updated my collection, the additions are not shown in the Content Browser

From the top-level menu Tools -> Update Collection. If they don't show up, quit Amarok from the Amarok menu, or use Ctrl + Q to quit. Once you restart Amarok, your collection should show your updates.

Amarok cannot find the lyrics of the songs that I play


  1. The lyrics are not available in the sites checked on the Internet. You may wish to add more sites via the script menu.
  2. The track numbering system within an album in your collection is not correct.
  3. The title of your song contains special characters with a cedille, accent, etc. that do not show in your track title; therefore the lyrics script applet cannot find a match for your title. Check your tags and track numbering system with a tagger such as Picard.

My question isn't answered here

More complex issues are covered in the Manual, including Troubleshooting and Common Problems, and the Amarok FAQ.