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    KTurtle is an educational programming environment that uses TurtleSpeak, a programming language loosely based on and inspired by LOGO.

    It is part of the KDE Education Project.

    The goal of KTurtle is to make programming as easy and accessible as possible, which makes KTurtle suitable for teaching young students the basics of maths, geometry and... programming.


    • the ability to translate the programming commands into the native language of the student using the KDE translation framework.
    • all you need integrated in one application.
    • simplified programming terminology.
    • intuitive syntax highlighting and error markers.


    A fresh start of KTurtle
    After a little drawing

    More screenshots (of older versions as well).


    The following example makes the turtle draw a simple arrow.


    canvassize 200200
    canvascolor 000
    pencolor 25500
    penwidth 5

    go 20,20
    direction 135

    forward 200
    turnleft 135
    forward 100
    turnleft 135
    forward 141
    turnleft 135
    forward 100
    turnleft 45

    go 40100


    See more examples...


    The resources for KTurtle are spread over a few webpages:

    The KTurtle Homepage
    This page is KDE's the official page for KTurtle. Besides the news feed it is mainly a landing page with links to the other resources.
    KTurtle on UserBase (this page)
    The UserBase wiki page for KTurtle, this page. Here most resources can be found that interest the user: screenshots, example scripts, a feature list, frequently asked questions (FAQ), etc.
    KTurtle on TechBase
    The TechBase wiki page for KTurtle. This page is geared towards the contributors of KTurtle: the developers and the translators. Various bits of information on the translation and development process can be found here.
    The KTurtle GoogleGroup
    Here Google hosts our mailing list. It is public so you can browse the archives. It is low traffic, so please do not hesitate to subscribe. You might find KTurtle developers on the #kdeedu channel on freenode.org.
    The KTurtle Handbook
    This is an online copy of the KTurtle Handbook as shipped with the KTurtle program.
    KTurtle on bugs.kde.org
    Bugs, wishes or other issues with KTurtle are tracked using bugs.kde.org. Please report any issues with KTurtle here so nothing will be lost.
    Monitor translation effort for KTurtle
    Follow the translation effort for KTurtle in KDE 4 stable releases, split up in user interface strings and documentation.
    KTurtle on Wikipedia
    KTurtle's page on Wikipedia.

    How to get KTurtle?

    KTurtle is a Free Software project. It is part of the KDE project, therefore readily available to most Linux distributions (try searching for KTurtle with your package manager).

    KDE is available (yet still considered unstable) for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX, users have reported good experiences with KTurtle on these platforms. If you are using Windows or Mac and give KTurtle a try, please report your experiences to our mailing list, or file a bug. Thank you!