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Using the Widgets tab

The widgets tab in the Properties pane provides a tree list of widgets on the form design page and their hierarchy. Each widget is presented within the hierarchy beside other widgets on the same level (in the same parent container). Child widgets (inside containers) are presented using indented names.

Each widget has its name and type displayed. The type also shows an icon - the same as displayed on the Widgets toolbar.


* Changing the current selection on the list is synchronised to the selection on the form design page. This allows for easier widget lookup by name and easier navigation. For example, it is possible to select a widget by name, and then switch to the Properties tab to change the widget's properties.
  • Keeping the Ctrl key pressed while an item on the widgets list is being selected allows to select multiple widgets at a time. Keeping the Shift key pressed allows to select entire lists of widgets.

Giving widgets reasonable names can be useful in complex forms but is not mandatory. Note that a widget's name is a property that is not visible to the user of your form. Users will only see a widget text, provided by Text property or similar.