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Web Shortcuts

Konqueror provides a number of useful web shortcuts in Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Web Browsing -> Web Shortcuts. These allow you to (for example) enter "wp:KDE" in the address bar to automatically load the Wikipedia web page about KDE.

The shortcuts are also available in Rekonq.

There are many shortcuts provided by default, but you can also define your own by clicking New... on the right hand side of the settings panel. This brings up a dialog that asks you for the search provider name (you can choose any text here, it just helps you find it if you need to edit it later), the search URI and the shortcut. The search URI you have to work out from looking at the search syntax of the service you would like to query. The shortcut is what you use to perform the shortcut in the address bar, such as "wp" for Wikipedia in the example above.

Here are some useful search URIs that you can use to save working them out yourself.

Useful URIs for shortcuts

DuckDuckGo "I'm feeling lucky"

DuckDuckGo is a web search engine like Google, but it does not store your searches. The basic DuckDuckGo search is already provided as a web shortcut in Konqueror (you can use, for example, the shortcut "dd:kde" to do a DuckDuckGo search for KDE). However, DuckDuckGo also implements an "I'm feeling Ducky" search, similar to Google's "I'm feeling lucky" that takes you directly to the first search result, without showing you the result page. In the Google shortcut you can go directly to kde.org by typing "ggl:kde" in the address bar. To do this using DuckDuckGo, create a new web shortcut and use as the URI:

http://duckduckgo.com/?q=! \{@}&v=

You can choose whatever name you like for the search provider and your own shortcut (maybe ddl to mimic the Google shortcut, or "ducky").

Do you already have some web shortcuts that save you time and effort? Add them here for others to try.