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Installation and Update

Windows Mobile 6.5 (e.g. HTC Touch Pro 2)


You need approximately 120MB of free, internal memory.


We offer a cab installation archive for WM 6.5. Simply click that link on your browser and save the file on the external memory card (be sure you have good and affordable Internet access when doing so).

Afterwards, execute the downloaded file (e.g. by navigating with the File Explorer to the download location).

The Installer will ask you for an installation location, notice that in even if you chose Card, most files will be installed to internal memory (but not your data).

Beware, the installation process takes a couple of minutes and the progress bar might not indicate progress for most of the time. Be patient. If nothing changed after half an hour, restart the phone.

Generally, in case of any issues during installation/deinstallation/usage process, restart the phone.

Also, if installation succeeded, restart your phone..

Stop all Kontact Touch related processes

Starting with early December 2010 revisions, the backend is automatically started when the phone boots up. To stop it, you can use a menu action, it can be reached from all frontends, e.g. Mail -> Full Shutdown.


You can just run a new installer, it will offer you to deinstall the old version and later it will ask you to delete the local configuration. In order to get a new version installed you must let it deinstall the old version.


Before deinstallation, restart the phone.

Then uninstall via the Settings page. Note that deinstallation takes about 10 minutes. The only feedback you will get is the spinning wheel of colored balls.

Clear the configuration

If you want to start over or remove the configuration of the KDE components completely, you need to deal with three places. First, full shutdown Kontact Touch. (using the menu -> Shutdown Akonadi).

Then start the File Explorer and remove following folders in "My Documents":


On your memory card there is a folder


Remove this one, too.


To switch from German to English you can delete /Program Files/Kontact-Mobile/share/config/kdeglobals

Get encryption working


  • Make sure you have the necessary files on the device. E.g. copy them over to the memory card. You need to have a) the (public) certificates, including root and intermediate CA certificates, e.g. mygroup.pem or rootA.der b) your secret key environment, e.g. bernhard.p12. The suffixes have to be correct.
  • Import everything into the crypto stack. One way is to start Kleopatra via the icon. Use File -> Certificate Import to import. To make your root trusted, either prepare a trustlist.txt file and copy it into \Device\gnupg and then stop and restart gpg-agent (e.g. by rebooting the device) or use Kleopatra.

General Hints

  • The 'out of memory, please close a tab'- error message indicates that the system on your device indeed ran out of memory. This can happen e.g. when you try to start two applications of the Kontact Touch. Closing one will usually free enough memory to continue working.
  • If restarting your phone is not possible anymore due to rarely observed system freezes, shortly removing the battery or pressing the reset-button will bring it back.
  • Ensure to be connected to the Internet before starting anything of Kontact Touch.