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How do I move, rotate or resize an widget on the desktop?

First of all, hover over the applet you want to resize. The widget handle will appear. The applet handle takes care of resize, rotate and move.

  • To move an applet: Click on the handle, then drag the applet around.
  • To rotate an applet: Click on the curved arrow then drag to rotate
  • To resize an applet: Click on the square icon and then drag to resize the applet. You can constrain the resize operation to the applet's aspect ratio by holding down the Ctrl key.

How do I remove widgets?

If they are in the panel, remove them by opening up the panel settings (right side of the panel) and then hovering over them. Click the X in the tooltip. Otherwise, hold click until a menu appears. Click the X in that menu. If you use the Add Widget dialog, you can click on the icon in the upper-right part of the widget icon to remove it.

How can I lock the positions of the widgets?

  • Method 1: Right-click on an empty area of the desktop and select Lock Widgets from the contextual menu. If you want to reverse that, right-click again and select Unlock Widgets . The same option is available if you right-click on the panel.
  • Method 2: Select Lock Widgets from "More Settings" in the Panel Settings menu on the right side of a panel. Now you can right-click the panel and choose "Unlock Widgets."

How do I switch between the Application Launcher and other kinds of menus?

Right-click on the menu, select "Alternatives" and choose one. Currently, Plasma comes with 3 application menus; one is a full-screen launcher for touchscreen devices and netbooks; one is the Application Launcher, a signature of Plasma; and then there is the Application Menu, a Windows ME/2000 and earlier style launcher.

Working with Activities

How can I add/remove an activity?

  • Adding an activity: Minimize all windows, then right-click on an empty space in the desktop. Click Activities, then click Create Activity. Enter your options and click "OK."
  • Removing an activity: Open the Activities menu and select the red cross from the toolbar that will appear when you hover over an activity to remove the activity.


You must unlock widgets (Ctrl + L) before you can remove any activities.

How can I use virtual desktops as activities?

Open System SettingsDesktopMultiple Desktops, then check the box Different activity for each desktop . Click on OK and you are done.


How can I add widgets to the panel?

When adding widgets normally, drag them to your chosen section of the panel.

Can I move the applets on the panel?

Open the Panel Settings menu. Then you can drag around widgets on and off the panel.

How do I resize the panel?

To change length, open up Panel Settings. The arrows pointing right can be dragged to change the maximum panel size; arrows pointing left change minimum panel size. The arrow pointing up is in the center of the panel. To change the height, click and hold on the "Height" button in Panel Settings, then drag it to change the height.

Can I autohide the panel?

Panel SettingsMore SettingsAuto Hide.

How do I remove a panel?

Open Panel Settings. Then, right-click on an empty area of the panel. Click "Remove Panel."

Working with Keyboard Shortcuts

How can I associate a keyboard shortcut with a widget?

Simply select a widget's settings (the wrench icon on the applet handle) and then click on Keyboard shortcuts . You will then be able to define a keyboard shortcut for your applet. Notice that unless the widget has defined some use for the keyboard shortcut, the shortcut itself will only give focus to the widget itself.