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    Installing Plasma Widgets

    Found a new widget, but don't know how to install it? Here's how!


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    Installing from

    Select Add Widgets... from desktop menu.

    Select Get New Widgets -> Download New Plasma Widgets from Widget Explorer.

    Search for the required widget and press Install.

    Drag the installed widget to the desktop or a panel as usual.

    Installing from local file

    Select Add Widgets... from desktop menu.

    Select Get New Widgets -> Install Widget From Local File... from Widget Explorer.

    Select the widget type to install.

    Select a local file and press Finish.

    Installing from Konsole

    To install a Plasma widget from Konsole type:

    plasmapkg -u widget-file-name.plasmoid


    I can't install plasmoids in Plasma Workspaces 4.5.1

    This is caused by a bug in kdelibs 4.5.1 (bug 251192) which prevents the installer from extracting plasmoid files. The workaround is to extract the file manually and install it from Konsole or another terminal.

    • Download the plasmoid
    • Open the file (*.plasmoid) with Ark and extract it to a directory
    • Open Konsole and navigate to the directory from the previous step
    cd /path/to/directory
    • Install the plasmoid with the command (where directory-name is the name of the extracted directory)
    plasmapkg -i directory-name


    You can navigate to the directory in Dolphin and press F4 to open an embedded terminal.