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    Settings for the appearance of your workspace
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    Window Decorations

    Here you can select which window theme you want to use. The window theme affects how window title bars and window edges look like as well as the buttons in the titleline. You can fine tune the chosen theme using the Configure Decorations... and Configure Buttons... buttons and the Get New Decorations... button lets you download more themes.

    Cursor Theme

    Similarly, you can pick the collection of cursors to be used in your workspace, and there is an Install new Theme... button to get more cursor themes.

    Desktop Theme

    In the Theme tab you select which desktop theme you want to use, and there is a Get New Themes... button to download new themes.

    In the Details tab you can tweak the appearance of individual elements of your desktop theme.

    Splash Screen

    Here you choose which splash screen to use. The splash screen is the screen you see while your machine starts up.