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Edit after marked for translation?215:44, 31 January 2012
keycap "PAGE_DOWN" not lowercase105:56, 31 January 2012

Edit after marked for translation?

I found a little error in this page:

<menuchoice>View Image -> View Image</menuchoice>

should be

<menuchoice>View -> View Image</menuchoice>

But the pages has been "Marked [...] for translation". Should I continue editing it or will this disturb translators?

Px7921:01, 30 January 2012

You are right, it is wrong. I noticed it myself and corrected it.

You can allways edit a page even to modify existing text. Nothing will affect the translators until the new content is also marked for translation. At that point translators will need to have another look at the modified paragraphs, so it is actually an advantage to correct things as soon as possible.

Claus chr06:00, 31 January 2012

You can correct things after they have been marked up. The translators then are alerted that something has changed - they see which message needs correcting, so it's no big deal :-)

annew15:44, 31 January 2012

keycap "PAGE_DOWN" not lowercase

Yurchor changed all keycaps from ENTER to Enter (sorry, I did this wrong), but left out PAGE_DOWN. Was this on purpose, or has PAGE_DOWN just been missed?

BTW: Is there a page thats lists all keycaps? Which variant should be used?

  • PageDown
  • Page-Down
  • Page_Down

Maybe a few more examples would be helpful at Typographical Guidelines.

Px7921:10, 30 January 2012

No need to be sorry about anything. It was great, that you added this page. Getting the formatting right is tricky and requires a lot of experience.

I think PAGE_DOWN was missed. I changed it later. I don't think we have an extensive list of official keycap names, but it might be a good idea.

If you have any specific ideas for improvement of the guidelines (or anything else for that matter) let us know. You can use the talk pages for questions, suggestions and comments.

Claus chr05:56, 31 January 2012

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