Talk:Digikam/Tutorials/Setup of digiKam for Windows compatibility

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Hi Sdx,

I've fixed some typos in your tutorial. Probably that way I can get your attention, see your other tutorial Talk:Digikam/Tutorials/Switch from Microsoft OneDrive or WLPG to digiKam.

Furthermore, I'm not quite sure that this statements from this tutorial is entirely true:

Or at any point later you can always delete all digiKam database files from the folder where it is stored. As the true metadata should be stored inside your images or .xmp sidecar files, the digiKam database can always be re-generated from the "ground truth" in the files.

There is some metadata that is not stored in the images, but only in the digiKam database, for example:

- the information on ignored face regions

- or the information on which images have been already scanned for faces

What do you think?

--Farblos (talk) 21:46, 15 March 2022 (UTC)