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polkit109:11, 21 December 2018

How about adding a note to sudo about polkit being the new kid in town - if you catch my drift?


20:51, 19 December 2018

As I understand it, polkit is an application-level toolkit which would be all but invisible to end users, so I am not sure a user would ever need an explanation of the term 'polkit'. If I am mistaken, could you please explain in what context a user might come across the term.

Btw. this thread is attached to the Jargon File/en page. How did that happen? Normally, when you go to the English version of the page you should end up on the Jargon File page (without any language code) and your comment would end up along the other threads relating to this page. This thread will be hard to discover for most contributors - I only discovered it by chance.

09:11, 21 December 2018

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