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    This template inserts a suitable table row with an image left side and an textblock on the right containing a title and a short description.

    The image will commonly be the icon of the application. You can adjust optionally the image size with the size parameter; remember to use px unit. Default size is 48px.

    The title is marked up as heading level 4 and will appear in the table of contents. If title is omitted the pagename will be used as title instead and vice versa.

    Image and title both link to the page.


    {{AppListItem|image=Konqueror.png|size=64px|page=Konqueror|title=Konqui|description=The one and only internet browser.}}
    {{AppListItem|image=Kate.png|page=Kate|title=KAnotherTextEditor|description=A very powerful editor.}}

    Notice the wrapping table markup :{| ... |}



    The one and only internet browser.


    A very powerful editor.

    |rowspan="2" style="padding-right:2em;"|[[Image:{{{image}}}|48px|link=Special:myLanguage/{{{title}}}]]



    |- |{{{description}}}