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      Kate (KDE Advanced Text Editor), the big sister of text editing applications

    Kate has all the features of KWrite, and much more. It is a multi-document or multi-view editor, which means that you can have several documents open at the same time, or you can have several views of the same document.

    "Document Modified" warning
      Document modification monitoring gives you ample warning of danger.


    The development of Kate started in fall 2001 by Christoph Cullmann. The first release was as part of the KDE Software Compilation 2.2. By July 2014 Kate started being ported to KF5.


    Kate's many features include

    • Multi-Document Interface
    • Window tabbing and window splitting
    • Character encoding support and conversion
    • Syntax highlighting and bracket matching
    • Code and text folding
    • Auto-indentation
    • Auto-completing
    • Block selection
    • Regular Expression find and replace
    • Scriptable using JavaScript
    • Project support documented here

    and much more!

    Editing Latex in Kate
    Kate showing the results of a SQL query
    Editing the project page html source

    Visit the project pages for more information


    Where did Kate go?
    It is often thought that Kate is missing, as it is usually not listed in distribution repositories. In fact, it is now part of a larger development package, so you must install kdesdk.
    How can I print out with Line Numbers?
    In the Print dialog click on the Options button, choose the Text Settings tab and tick the Print line numbers box.