Tips/How to customize Night Color on KDE Plasma

If you're looking for instructions about enabling Night Color, click here.


Did you know you can automate Night Color, or even change the filter's strength? In this tip, we will show you the options you can change to make it behave exactly the way you want it to.

Customizing Night Color

First, you can access the settings by searching for Night Color in the Application Launcher or by opening up System Settings and navigating to Display and Monitor -> Night Color as shown below:

This is the Night Color settings window

From there, you can change a few settings to make Night Color behave the way you want. We’ll go through all of them.

Change the filter’s color temperature

You can make the filter more or less red by changing the color temperature. The default is 4.500K.

You can change the filter’s intensity by changing that value

Automate Night Color to change at specific intervals

You can make the filter get turned on and off automatically in a few ways. One of those is by selecting Set to sunrise at current location. Please note this will send your network information to Mozilla Location Service in order to find where you are in the world.

Make Night Color change automatically based on your location

You can also select a manual location by selecting Set to sunrise at manual location. You’ll have to provide the desired latitude and longitude manually.

You can manually set your coordinates

You can also select a custom time to enable and disable the filter.

Select when Night Color will automatically get enabled or disabled

And at last, you can choose to make it permanently on by selecting “Always on”.

Having a built-in blue light filter in KDE Plasma is really handy, isn’t it? If you want to read more tips and tricks, you can follow KDE on Social Media:


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