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How to use tables

Find the sample table here that most matches your need, then use the Icon-Userbase-edit.png button to see the markup.

This is a plain table

One Two
Three Four
Five Six

One with borders

One Two
Three Four
Five Six

This is with labels

One Two
More Three Four
Again Five Six

This one can be sorted

One Two
Three Four
Five Six

Now all of them combined

One Two
More Three Four
Again Five Six

Some other types of table


The KMail Welcome Screen
Here the text is top-aligned

The KMail Welcome Screen
Here it is vertical-centered

class="vertical-centered" - table aligned left, text aligned vertically centered


Internet and Networking

class="vertical-centered wikitable" style="border: 1px solid grey;"

Centered heading -

 1{| class="tablecenter" style="border:1px solid"
 2! colspan="2" style="background:#ffff99;text-align:center;" | Debugging
 4|	F10 
 5| Step over (gdb's "next") 
 7|	F11 
 8| Step into (gdb's "step") 
10|	F12
11| Step out of (gdb's "finish") 
F10 Step over (gdb's "next")
F11 Step into (gdb's "step")
F12 Step out of (gdb's "finish")

Description Windows Mac OS X KDE Software
Blogging client Windows Live Writer Blogilo
BitTorrent Client BitTorrent KTorrent, KMLDonkey, KGet
Download Manager FlashGet KGet
eDonkey Client eMule KMLDonkey
E-mail Client Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail Apple Mail KMail
Feed Aggregator Akregator
PIM Outlook Kontact
Web Browser Internet Explorer Safari Konqueror, rekonq
Instant Messaging Client Windows Live Messenger iChat, Adium Kopete, KMess
IRC Client mIRC Colloquy Konversation

:{|class="tablecenter" style="border:1px solid darkgray;"

Screenshot with neat border

Link image and external url:

- a huge collection of calendars with a broad range of topics

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