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Kdenlive/Manual/Troubleshooting and Common Problems


  • Check use of ...
    • label is unique within the translation unit
    • use labels img for image-links, ref for internal links, lnk for external links, file for file names/paths, ...
    • investigate: can complete markup be included? can partial markup?
  • KDE Software Collection

Obsolete pages

Check Pages for Deletion


Go through pages - some may be ready for translation.

Displaying animated gifs

Using [[Image:...]] directly gives us an animation that runs in the page as soon as it loads. Ideally we should just display the first image, and have the animation start when the reader clicks it. This can be achieved thus:

(image and animation not related). The code is [[Image:Begin_config_smtp_edit.png|thumb|500px|center|link=]]

In order to make this work, we need to extract the first image from the gifs, or (perhaps easier) to make a new screenshot of the first dialog in the animation.

Pages with dubious translations

  • Amarok Samba pageConfigure File Sharing... = Indstil Fildeling..., Advanced Sharing = Avanceret deling, Allowed Users = Tilladte brugere, Allow all users to share folders = Tillad alle brugere at dele mapper og Add... = Tilføj...?

ToDo list

  • Telepathy
  • Plasma/Panels is a bit outdated - fx Lock Widgets, desktop toolbox: Add Panel
  • Page Plasma/KickoffMenu (linked in Plasma application launchers)
  • KTTS was renamed to Jovie in 4.5 - at some point ref to old name should be removed.
  • Check links to
    • Amarok/Manual/MenuAndCommandReference
    • Amarok/Manual/MenuAndCommandReference/AmarokMenu
    • Amarok/Manual/MenuAndCommandReference/Help
  • Use of emphasis in names: service providers (fx
  • Template for dates
  • Page about Folder Views, Desktop Toolbox, Dashboard, important widgets
  • Page about Qt pattern matching — pattern matching using regular expressions. Link in KWin Rules Window Matching
  • Simon and some of its subpages have not been marked for transation. Is that intended?


  • Standardized prev/next footer? (see fx Plan/Manual/Definitions)
  • Contents page should be marked for translation first to ensure consistent translation af page names.
  • Links in Kexi manual should use Special:myLanguage

Calligra vs. KOffice

  • status of Karbon14
  • status of KChart and KFormula
    • pages on KOffice project site no longer exists
    • are they apps anymore or have they been integrated as Shapes? Yes - at least in KOffice.
    • if Shapes: should they still have pages? - No, but wait until new versions are in distro repos.
  • KPlato no longer has page on KOffice project site - is no longer part of KOffice


  • Proper use of naming GUI elements. Fx menu
  • Naming of GUI elements
    • When the name appears in the standard window
    • otherwise!!!
  • Placement of images

Outdated pages

The Khipo project seems dead (no activity for more than 2 years)