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Hi , my name is Haoxi Zhan. I am from China. You can call me Sami.

Personal Information

Name: Zhan, Haoxi

Born: April 18th, 1994

Nation: China

Location: Hangzhou, China

Study: studying in Hangzhou High School

Systems: Now using Mandriva, Chakra and openSUSE. KDE4.4 and KDE4.6

Other interests: Films( Jean-Luc Godard, Ingmar Bergman, Lukas Moddysson, Bo Widerberg, Roy Andersson, Eric Rohmer, Lars Von Trier etc), Astronomy and something other which are pure and not so commercial

I hate all over-commercial things but I am not totally against commercial companies. I don't think this world is still pure. In fact, most of the world has lost its purity. And I will tried my best to help some communities stay pure for all my life.

Goal: Becoming a film director to make pure films so that I will be able to make an increasing number of people know how we struggle against the over-commercial world. Becoming computer programmer is also okay so that I can help with codes for KDE and other FOSS communities.

Projects in progress

/the beginners' guide new edition

Time Table

Pause my work because I am too busy. Will back when I finish my applying and exams.

Projects which have been death

/a Beginners' Guide for KDE Software