User:SamiZhan/a Beginners' Guide for KDE Software

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    Under Construction

    This is a new page, currently under construction!

    About this manual

    This manual is a manual for new KDE users to get started. It will be written in a way suitable for new users. The project is being in progress.

    Request for a delection

    I will start a new page to work on it. I won't resume this work but just restart from the beginning to gurantee the quality of this guide. Thanks.

    Caution: The newest strategy

    I was busy these times. However, this project won't discontinue. I have read a lot of books about Windows 7 for dummies. I was impressed a lot and I found that there is still a distance for me to go. I will update here but also work with Scribus for a better layout. After mid-July I will be free to do a lot of work and I hope I can complete this book at that time.