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    In the last chapter , I have told you how to use KDE Software to browse the Internet and how to download files from the Internet. To Read news , nowadays many of us use RSS to fetch news easily. KDE just provided you a wonderful RSS reader called Akregator.

    Work with feeds

    Subscribe a site

    When you visiting a site , you can see a icon of feed in the right-bottom corner. Click it and then you can subscribe it.

    Click the feed you want to subscribe , and then all things has been done.

    Read the feed

    Click the item and the content will be displayed in the window:

    Fetch the feeds

    Click "Fetch all feeds" to fetch all feeds. If you only want to fetch one feed , choose it and click "Fetch feeds"

    Delete feed

    Right click on the feed and click "Delete Feed"

    Configure Akregator

    Click "Settings --> Configure Akregator"

    Interval fetching

    In the tab "General" , choose "Use interval fetching" and then specify how frequently to fetch automatic.

    Limit file size

    Normally , Akregator will save all the articles in the disk , but if you do not have enough disk space , you can limit the space Akregator uses.

    Switch to the "Archive" tab and set it.