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    You may have been a fan of firefox , but KDE also provide a web browser -- konqueror , is there any advantages of konqueror? Of course , konqueror has many functions that firefox do not have.

    When you start Konqueror , it will display a default page according to your seetings:

    Explore the web

    Well , Konqueror do support tab browse. Use "File --> New Tab" to create a new tab.

    When you opened a new tab , type in the url and enter :

    To surf the internet world , you may click the linking to open them , but you can just type "Ctrl" and them type the letter to open links:

    If I type "c":

    In this way , the new page is opened in the same tab , to open it in the new tab , right-click the link and then click "Open in New Tab"

    To close the tab , click the cross.

    Search the page

    To find something in the page , click "Edit --> find" and then there will be a find bar on the bottom of the window:

    Type in what you like to find and then you can use "Next" and "Previous" to find the word.

    But there is some more functions provided:

    You can limit what kind of text to search , for eg. , you can only search in links.

    The size of font

    To change your size of font , click "View --> Enlarge Font --> " and choose a font size.

    View Document source

    Click "View --> View Document source" and the source will be displayed in KWrite.

    Save a page

    Click "File --> Save as..." to save a page.

    Some tips of right menu

    You can search something in Google and other sites such as wikipedia. Just choose the text , right-click and click "Search for '...' with Google".

    And the search result will be displayed in a new tab:

    You can also open or preview pictures with many different software:

    Click "Open With --> ..."


    In konqueror , you only need to click twice to add a page to the bookmark.

    If you just want to add it to the bookmark bar , click "Bookmarks --> Add Bookmark"

    If you want to add it to some subfolder in the bar , for example , "SUSE". CLick "SUSE --> Add Bookmark"

    Translate the webpage

    Konqueror can simpley translate the webpage you are visting just by the Translate tools.

    Click "Tools --> Translate Web Pages --> "

    Download with KGet

    KGet can be the default download manager of konqueror since firefox need flashgot.

    Download all links

    Click "Tools --> Download Manager --> List All Links" , then there will be a popup windows called "Import Links" .

    You can click "All" , "Videos" , "Images" , Audio" or "Archives" to choose the type of the files displayed. There is also a filter for you.

    Then click "Download Checked"

    Download a file

    Downloading all links is a cool function , but KGet is also very easy to be used for downloading a huge single file since it support downloading accelerating.

    First , click the download link in Konqueror.

    Then , Kget will be started and ask you what you want to do. Click "Save As..." to download the file.

    In the next step , you can specific the folder to download to.

    At last , Click OK to download the file.