User:Skierpage/Improved Modify a page


  • Click the Edit button Userbase-edit.png
  • You should see a preview of the page, and the Edit box below it — you might have to scroll down. If you don't see the preview you can enable this in your preferences
  • Make your changes in the Edit box
  • Write a one-line summary of what you changed in the Summary field
  • Click the Show preview button
  • Check how the page looks like in the preview. If you have included links, hover over them and look at the status bar to see if they are going to take you to the intended location; or better still, open the link in a new tab.
  • If you need to correct anything, make the changes in the Edit box and click Show preview again. Repeat until you're happy with the results
  • Click Save page to save your work
NEVER add new translate section tags (which look like <!--T:18-->). The software will do everything necessary with tags, and manually changing them will break the system.

If you are adding markup for the first time, please read the Edit Markup page and the Typographical Guidelines

You must leave a blank line (press Enter twice) to make a new paragraph. Please use this after any heading, as it puts headings in a separate translation unit which is preferred by translators using external tools.

If you are making frequent edits to your page, please use either {{Construction}} or {{Being_Edited}} so that translators and other contributors know to wait until you are finished.

Avoid using text smilies as they cause problems for translation applications. Instead use {{Smiley}} Face-smile.png

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