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UserBase problems

There is a list of problems with the wiki that we should like to have solved here: Wiki Team Page/Problems.

UserBase Wiki Team

KDE Documentation on Phabricator

Notes from the 2017 Akademy BOF BoF notes 2018

  • New welcome page! I have started it in my "personal" space - everyone can edit.
  • A new Introduction to new contributors - should be short and focus on the bare essentials; how to get an account, how to get in contact, a few things to avoid when editing existing pages, links to detailed info.
    • The existing help pages needs cleanup and restructuring.

Use [[Category:New page]] at the bottom of any page that we are currently working on (wheather it is a new page or an old page under revision. When the work is done change [[Category:New page]] to [[Category:Good page]] (it won't be displayed on the actual page - it is just there to help us keep track of our work.

Slides from the documentation workshop at Akademy 2018: File:Tech writing-akademy18.odp

Plan of attack

  1. Plasma pages - at least the general stuff.
  2. Create pages for missing applications -- at least short description, logo, screenshot and links. Details can come later.
  3. Existing application pages - make sure basic info is up to date, links working. Determine if content needs rewriting
  4. Contributors pages

Needs attention at some point

  1. Stats - most of the statistics no longer works.
    • {{Special:TranslationStats produces what look like an image frame that can't find the associated image file. TranslationStats is part of the Translate extension (see more here).
    • <TopTenPages /> doesn't seem to be reckognized any more.
  2. The Translate system behaves somewhat unpredictably.
    • Pages that have been marked for translation does not always show up in the Special:LanguageStats page.
    • The given number of translation units that needs attention is sometimes not correct
    • In the translation interface (Special:Translate) when displaying differences the whole page is being shown rather than just the actual unit.
  3. Some pages are not linked to: fx KDE_System_Administration
  4. Some pages are probably not needed anymore:
  5. Some pages are badly in need of up to date information
  6. There are several references to Strigi, sRts, KControl, Kicker
  7. The mediawiki installation: It is old - may need updating, which might solve other problems
  8. Searching for users: the search box is not as useful as it might be - it finds everything including all translations
  9. Searching for contributors and admins: The templates and DPL examples in User:Claus chr/DPL have been updated - they should work as originally intended.
    • The DPL extension is very old and has been superseeded by DynamicPageLoad 3 — should we update (that would require updating mediawiki as well)?
  10. Application pages should not have version numbers in their name (like KAddressBook 4.4).
  11. Go through settings pages to make sure everything is properly linked to.
  12. Pages that need to be improved

Needs to be added to/changed in help page

  1. The new {{Emoji}} template

Pages that are not linked to

  1. Accessibility (and pages linked from there)
  2. Configure_your_desktop - this page should be updated or retired
  3. QCA - probably belongs on TechBase or Community
Don't use the "what links here" wiki tool to check that a page is properly linked – it is no longer reliable. Use the {{LinksTo|...}} template instead. Find this and other search tools here.


Cleanup of "dead" pages
Some pages have been deleted but left behind translated pages. They don't seem to linger in the translate system (needs to be confirmed). Do the translated units still exist? This involves several pages in the Kexi Manual.
Archive obsolete pages
UserBase contains some pages that are no longer relevant. They should be archived. We need to find out how to do this so that translations are archived with the original page rather than being left behind. In the mean time such pages should be marked by adding the template {{ObsoletePage}}. That will add a warning box to the page and place it in the Obsolete category.
Clean up categories
  • Make sure all (english) categories are listed in the Pages category in English.
  • Remove the category Terminology?
  • Special category for Manuals?
  • Move some categories from Pages to Pages in Turkish

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