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    This guy(me...) is an international student at University of Manitoba...

    Question: That's it? Answer: Nope, I'm not done yet.


    I've contributed some [translations] at 1 yr earlier...if you are asking for translation experiences?

    My name there is... yes, 程海.cX (can't read it? It's ChengHai.cX literally. actually, x in cX is a typo, which was expected to be H) Anyways....

    I'm busy studying lately...

    Chinese translations at KDE's UserBase

    The translations here are okay but sort of hard-translated. I mean English contents were translated so literally.

    My goal is to make the translations more NATURAL little by little with other Chinese translators.

    Question: Hopefully, that's it? Answer: Yep.

    UserBase issues

    The following issues is to be solved. this section is used to monitor the process.

    Thread:Talk:Quick Start/sidebar link/reply

    Thread:Talk:Welcome to KDE UserBase/Chinese language name translation issues/reply (2)