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There's a huge amount of information on your User page and its sub-pages, and maybe it's time to make some decisions. Bear in mind that you are using space on a KDE server, so the content should benefit more than yourself.

I would like to see you taking a hard look at each section, and determining how we can make it useful to other users. For some of it you may need complete new sections created in the UserBase structure - I've been aware for some time that we need to consider KDE on Windows, and currently nothing exists. I'm a bit worried about the Windows re-install part - we need to think how that is justified. Please let me know whether you are willing to work with us to make this content valuable to all. --annew 11:22, 30 December 2009 (UTC)

Got your message on my user page - thanks. Remember that your user page can show up if someone uses the search facility, so it's that aspect that's concerning me. To be honest, Kubuntu seem to have got this release rather wrong - so many people are having problems with it. Having said that, it's equally true that this means that many people will be looking for information. I'm wondering whether you could turn the info you've gathered there into a help page for people meeting the same problems - give your problem, then point to the solution where you found one, and simply admit defeat if you didn't. That could be a valuable resource, considering how popular *buntu is. It would link nicely from Troubleshooting.
Similarly - I've no experience of KDE on Windows, and it was clear from your notes that you tried it and it generally worked. If you are no longer using Windows it might be difficult for you, but if you felt able to write a page about IDE on Windows it would be very useful. Just think of me like a journalist that's always looking for the best use of any material to hand :-D --annew 10:39, 13 March 2010 (UTC)

Your 'Subpages of' - wow! that's really neat. I haven't seen that before, and I can see it being extremely useful in the future! --annew 14:41, 13 March 2010 (UTC)