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Search Collection Overview

The Search Collection feature makes it possible to specify complex filters to search for specific tracks in your collection. This can be done by using the edit box in the Media Sources pane or by clicking on the Edit Filter-button right next to the edit box.


Edit Box

When you type in the input field, Amarok will search for the expression in all available tags such as artist, album and title. The view of the collection will update automatically to display only the matches of the search.

To search in a specific tag, type tag:value into the search bar. Operators like < and > can be used to create more general conditions. Several conditions can be used together by separating them by a space between them. For time conditions, use the following abbreviations: d=day, w=week, m=month, y=year.


The following tags can be searched:

  • Album
  • Artist
  • Bitrate
  • Composer
  • AlbumArtist
  • Genre
  • Playcount
  • Rating
  • Sample Rate
  • Score
  • Title
  • Track
  • Year
  • BPM

Additional searchable fields

Along with tags, the following can also be searched:

  • Comment
  • Filename
  • Disc number
  • Length
  • Filesize
  • Format
  • Added (to Collection)
  • First played
  • Label
  • Last modified


Numerical tags can use the following operators to create a condition:

  • Equal: :
  • Less than: <
  • Larger than: >


If you search without specifying a tag, Amarok will search in all important text tags:

Searchincollection example editbox.png

More complex patterns can be used to get better results:

Searchincollection example editbox2.png

Edit Filter Dialog

If you prefer to build your searches more programatically, drag down the icons for the search terms you want, and drag to change search-term order. You may search by: Simple text, Title, Artist name, Album Artist Name, Album Name, Genre, Composer, Comment, Filename, Year, Track Number, Disc Number, BPM, Length, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, File Size, Format, Added to Collection, Score, Rating, First Played, Playcount, Label, Last Modified. You can also add OR and AND here.

Select a term and check Invert condition to disallow that search-term. Choose AND or OR for all terms in this search. If you choose AND, all search-terms must be present. If OR, any matches will show up.

Of course, clicking Reset removes your selections.


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