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Saved Playlists

Saved playlist is a traditional type of playlist. Saved playlists work like Amarok's current playlist, saved in the Amarok database or your file system for later use. It can be fun to use them at events when you have specific songs you want played.

Creating a saved playlist is very easy with the exact songs and order that you want. For every day use, sometimes it is faster to use Dynamic Playlists or the Automatic Playlist Generator when you have less specific needs for specific tracks and progression.

To browse and manage your saved playlists, go to Playlists -> Saved Playlists on the menubar.

Managing saved playlists

Saving a Playlist

You can save your current playlist into the Amarok database by clicking the save icon () at the bottom of the Playlist view. You can browse playlists in the Amarok database by going to Playlists -> Saved Playlists in the Media Sources pane and expanding the Amarok database section. You will find them in your filesystem here: ~/.kde(4)/share/apps/amarok/playlists.

Exporting a Playlist

You can export your current playlist to your file system by clicking Playlist -> Export Playlist As... from the top menubar. From the opening save dialog, you can change the name, location and type of the playlist. Then just click on Save. Remember, playlist files don't contain any music data. If you want to listen the content of the playlist on another computer, you'll need to bring your music with you unless that computer already has the tracks.

Importing a Playlist

You can import a playlist file into Amarok just by copying it to any directory that Amarok knows as part of your music collection. When Amarok detects a new playlist on any folder of your collection, it will add it to the Playlist Files on Disk section of Playlists -> Saved Playlists in the Media Sources pane. If the playlist doesn't appear right away, you can update the collection manually by clicking Tools -> Update Collection. If instead of importing the playlist, you want to just listen it, open it with Amarok -> Play Media... from menubar. Selected playlist will be added to the current playlist.