Snel aan de slag met Amarok

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Quick Start Guide

Congratulations on installing Amarok, the most advanced music discovery software available. Amarok will help you explore your music, and enjoy it as never before. Also, you can tour different sources of music, radio stations and audio books online. In this guide, we'll show you how to let Amarok find your collection, play it for you, and also how to use Amarok to find things online. We'll assume that you know nothing about Amarok, but do know how to use menus, a mouse, and your keyboard.

  1. Getting started
    1. Starting Amarok
    2. Closing Amarok
  2. The Amarok window
    1. Default layout of the Amarok window
    2. Using the Amarok window to manage and play your music
  3. The Music Collection
    1. The Media Sources Pane
    2. Setting up a collection
    3. Adding Media Devices to the Collection
    4. Ripping a CD into the collection
    5. Accessing other media sources
    6. Streams and Podcasts
    7. Using the Content Browser
      1. Hiding or expanding information
      2. Changing the order of tracks and albums
      3. Deleting items from the collection
  4. Playlists
    1. The Playlist pane
    2. Adding music to a playlist
    3. Using the Toolbar
    4. Manipulating playlists
      1. Removing a track
      2. Using the Playlist tools at the bottom
    5. Saving and retrieving your favorite playlists
  5. The Context View
    1. Default layout
    2. Customizing the Context pane
  6. How to deal with problems
  7. Glossary