Digikam/Batch Process

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Batch Process Photos in digiKam

When you need to apply the same action to multiple photos, digiKam’s batch processing capabilities can come in rather handy. You can apply actions to alle the images in a batch in one fell swoop.

Using the Batch Queue Manager tool, you can set up rather advanced processing profiles and manage multiple queues. To add selected photos to the Batch Queue Manager, choose either Batch Queue Manager -> Add to Current Queue (alternatively, use the Ctrl + B keyboard shortcut) or Batch Queue Managerennenus -> Add to New Queue (or press Ctrl + Shift + B). This opens the Batch Queue Manager and adds the selected photos to an existing or new queue. To specify the actions you want to perform on the photos in the queue, pick the desired tools from the Base Tools section, and specify the settings for each tool in the Tool Settings pane. The File Renaming section in the Queue Settings pane lets you specify a renaming rule to apply to the modified photos. This can help you to differentiate between the processed photos and their originals.