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    Straighten Your Pictures Using digiKam

    Transcribed from Mohamed Malik's blog, 16 February 2011

    Do you have any images where the horizon is not straight? In my case I have many. In that case you can straighten them using digiKam. Here is how to do it.

    Take a look at this picture...it definitely needs it...

    Copyright M.Malik

    From the view picture either press F4 or right click on the picture and press Edit to go to the editor view.

    From the editor view go to Transform -> Free Rotation

    Then you will see this window - take a look at the right…

    On the right you can see the menu as Main angle and Fine angle. Change these and you will see effects in real time. Alter these values until you have straightened your image. Here is what I got:

    Well the picture now looks much better!

    I'm using digiKam 2.0 beta 2. However the current stable version doesn’t provide you with the versioning feature, using which means that when you save a file in editor the original file will not be affected. This is only available in 2.0 beta, not in the current stable 1X release, so please backup any files before saving because the editor will override your original files