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(Importing a new version from external source)
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* Introduktion
* Introduktion
* Getting Help (Path: /Getting_Help)
* Getting Help (sti: /Getting_Help)
* Applications (Path: /Applications)
* Applications (Path: /Applications)

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Forstå strukturen af denne wiki

Det er nødvendigt at holde stier korte, da brugere generelt ikke kan huske lange stier. Vi beder derfor om, at der højest bruges tre niveauer som illustreret nedenfor.

  • Introduktion
  • Getting Help (sti: /Getting_Help)
  • Applications (Path: /Applications)
    • Categories of Applications (eg Path: /Applications/Internet)
    • Individual Applications (Path: /<applicationname>)
  • Application Manuals: (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual (may be a contents page of links))
    • Manual pages (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual/Introduction)
    • (Path: /<applicationname>/Manual/Section name)
  • Tutorials (Path: /Tutorials/) NB This section consists of links to appropriate pages, mainly attached to applications. Only tutorials that can't be linked in that way should be directly under the Tutorials path.
  • KCM module (Path: /System_Settings/<kcmname>)

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