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The nature of UserBase

UserBase is a repository for user-centric information regarding any part of a KDE release. It is a wiki, written by volunteers, and editable by any registered user. As such, while care is taken, it is not possible to guarantee the accuracy of any entry. We welcome your contribution, particularly with regard to hints and tips that enhance the user experience. Those with 'other language' skills are welcome too, as we need as many translations as we can get. If you are willing to spend a little time helping to improve UserBase please visit the Tasks and Tools page.


UserBase began in the summer of 2008. It was initially conceived as a showcase for KDE applications. To some extent this is still evident in the way applications are grouped, to help you find the application most likely to suit your purpose. Soon, however, various Hints and Tips sections began to appear. This is an area where general users can most easily make a first contribution, as it is often a very short entry. Most users, at some time, find a keyboard shortcut, a little-known feature, a "different" way of doing something, that would prove to be of value to others. We encourage you to add your discoveries.

In 2009 the KWord developer, Thomas Zander, had the idea that application manuals could be written on UserBase. Perhaps he was a little before his time, or perhaps the idea of developing from an older version to a new one, where the change from KDE 3.x to 4.x was embraced, was just too big a step, but it was a foreshadow of things to come. 2010 saw the first manuals being developed on UserBase.


It was always the intention that UserBase should be translated into as many languages as possible. In reality it proved a little difficult to maintain. In 2010 work began on moving all translations to a new system, developed by Siebrand Mazeland and Niklas Laxström of Translatewiki.net. This system allows both professional translation and amateurs with reasonable language knowledge to adopt pages for translation to their language. A single page allows a translator to monitor changes that affect his translated pages. You are invited to help us build a truly international resource for all users.

UserBase and KDE

UserBase is hosted on a KDE server, and is actively supported by the KDE community. It is not, however, the voice of KDE in any legal sense, nor is any other responsibility implied.

Contact Us

The administrative volunteers of UserBase may be contacted in a number of ways, including via Talk or Discussion pages in UserBase, on IRC at irc.libera.chat#kde-www or by email at [email protected].